We are exclusive representative of Riva 1920 brand for the Czech Republic. Riva offers its customers unique tables with the use of quality woody plants. They do not care for their . products with imaginativeness, temperament and humor. It exudes absolutely distinctive features in every product. The traditional Italian family company Riva 1920 uses only natural materials for its collections.

Nowadays they work with around a dozen important designers. Now you can come to see us on a original table, whose plate consists of more than 48 000 years old tree trunk, which is brought from a single world site of its kind in New Zealand. You have the guarantee of quality and price which is recommended by the producer.

We do not give discounts, but  we offer above-standard sales and warranty and post- warranty service.

The most original material in the world is the one made by nature.


  • Kitchen

  • Dining rooms

  • Living rooms

  • Bedroom

  • Wardrobes

  • Terraces


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