Gallotti&Radice newly with us!
Monday, 4. November 2019

Gallotti&Radice newly with us!

Gallotti & Radice is striving to expand its presence in the European market and made partnership with our showroom in Kliment 48. The result is an elegant exhibition that visitors can use the corridor into the world of design by Gallotti & Radice. Accept the collection in a wide range and variety with light and sophisticated design pieces that give the interior a punch of originality. A brand that will dazzle architects, customers and everyone who loves design Made in Italy.


Gallotti & Radice was the first company in Italy to promote glass stripping in the furniture industry and interior design since the early 1970s. The original glass company has a leading role in the development of original glass design elements. Glass by the designers Gallotti & Radice is pleasantly fragile and interesting, transparent and unchanging, light and living. Every piece of their product is an original, thanks to the craftsmanship of traditional manual production.

In the portfolio of these brands:

  • Lights
  • Tables
  • Armchairs
  • Seating furniture
  • Coffee tables
  • Chair
  • Chests of drawers
  • Beds


Glass, aluminum and steel present main materials that characterize the production of Gallotti & Radice (100% recyclable materials). One of the most important sustainability benefits of glass is its full recycling. The level of contamination determines whether glass will be used to produce individual elements, an aspect that Gallotti & Radice pays close attention to. This brand is also dedicated to the collection, separation, recovery and disposal of aluminum, steel, brass, paper and cardboard. Environmental awareness and environmental friendliness increased in 2010 when Gallotti & Radice developed a photovoltaic panel system that guarantees clean energy production and produces 86.500 KWh per year.

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